Inclement Weather (Snow) Information

School Schedule Decisions

Making a decision about weather-related school delays or closures is always difficult, because so many different situations have to be considered. We take the decision-making process very seriously. Student and staff safety is always our number one priority.

Our staff begins evaluating road conditions across the district at 3:30 a.m. Here is the process:

  • Transportation and operations staff drive our district’s most challenging areas.
  • They compare notes with transportation staff from neighboring districts and municipalities to assess conditions outside our local area.
  • They review updates weather forecasts to assess whether conditions are improving or deteriorating.
  • We also consider:
    • Building conditions: Do the buildings have power, light and heat?
    • Site conditions: Is the parking lot plowed? Can buses get in and turn around? Can parents drop off students?
    • Road conditions: Are the roads continually plowed and is traffic moving?
    • Air temperature: How cold is it? Can children safely walk to school?
  • We make the best decision possible given the information we have, with student and staff safety in mind.
Inclement Weather Information

At times, school operating hours or school bus transportation services may be adjusted or canceled due to bad weather. If inclement weather—like snow or ice—makes a school schedule change necessary, the decision will be made by the Superintendent and communicated to families and staff by:

  • Call/email/text to all families. Please ensure your school has your updated contact information (phone/email can be updated via Skyward Family Access).
  • Renton School District website and all school websites
  • The district's Facebook page
  • The district’s Twitter page
  • The district's Instagram page
  • Local media outlets (TV, radio)

Parents and employees should ensure the school and district has their most current contact information, email and phone number in order to receive the call/email/text. Also, please remember that schools have limited phone lines and staff to answer phone calls: Please reserve calls to your student's school for those that are most urgent.