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Inclement Weather (Snow) Information

At times, school operating hours or school bus transportation services may be adjusted or canceled due to bad weather. If inclement weather—like snow or ice—makes a school schedule change necessary, the decision will be made by the Superintendent and communicated by phone and email to families and staff by 5:30 a.m.:

If there is no change to the school day, and schools are operating on regular schedule, we will not call/email families or staff.

We will not automatically use in-home learning if we must close a school/s due to inclement weather. If weather and wind cause a school closure, its likely many homes are also without power and internet accessibility. We will make determinations on school closures and in-home learning based on specific weather and power availability.

Be sure your contact information is correct

Families and staff should ensure the school and district has their most current contact information in order to receive the call/email/text. Also, please remember that schools have limited phone lines and staff to answer phone calls: please reserve calls to your student's school for those that are most urgent.

Types of school schedule changes due to weather

If snow or ice cause changes in the school day, here are the options we choose from:

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